you and I born of the same mother, struggled for life from the same womb, yet unknown to each other, they killed you, plunged their knives into your fragile body, like Brutus hath done to Caesar 

for their evil knew no bounds
their infernal deeds
blinded by their greed
your ghastly death ridiculed
by fortified lies and conspiracy
justice buried and forsaken
with the sins of silence

you Papiya Ghosh
a fragile pious soul
personifying the divine Saraswathie
embodiment of sublime virtues
gifted intellect
writer, teacher , historian
an intellectual light
to liberate our dogmatic minds
born from the same mother
that cradles in her arms
the mighty Himalayas

in life you bore no malice
you harboured no ill will
in death you seek not revenge
nor retribution
for that would blemish your memory
and tarnish your life long dedication
and compassion for humanity

if truth be sacrosanct
and justice be inviolable
for all of mother India’s children
then we must in her name
uphold those sacred tenets
without fear
so that her death
will become a beacon
that strengthens our resolve
never to go down
begging on bended knees
for the return of righteousness.