The Election Commission of India is responsible for executing free and fair elections across the country. This is one of the most respectful institutions constitutionally empowered to exercise its power in letter and spirit. Challenges are many but the foremost is the abuse of black money by the candidates. Be it anything, their sole purpose is to win the election. Tainted politicians, regardless of their magnitude of criminal history, they manage to win elections and reach the parliament.

Party partisan apart, mounting of criminality begins at this point of political process and place of origin that get transformed into a tragic fate of the country.

Aren’t people and the voters equally responsible for this to happen? We let the snake laugh at the men who sting each other.

It’s quite understandable that a cause behind any criminal or immoral act is the result of being something. A very small piece of stone if thrown into a peaceful clean pond, the waves created afterwards reaches the end and stirs the serenity of entire water surface. Having not been recognized as to whom ultimately did to bring about a chaos like this, it’s hard to see and recognize the image of stone thrower into the shaken water of pond. Such evil like phenomenon never happens in vacuum.

Then, why do we seek to catch the image of stone thrower? What stops us to get hold of the real object of villainy?

A mythological character stole a little quantity of nectar for attainment of immortality of life. This act of his was an act of crime, so was his punishment. Is that continuation of stealing nectar is over? The largest democracy of the world is today’s great victim of such theft and the buzzing people at large are mean onlookers, hapless victim of the system and careless in action. Don’t we dare to eliminate this blot from the face of our democracy?

We did and we do but nothing as yet has come substantial.

‘If gold rusts what shall iron do?’

Corruption has acquired new dimensions. Its boundless sway is in direct relation and proportion to our moral degradation and erosion of values. Making a quick buck by foul means has unfortunately become the only aim of life giving rise to all kinds of evil and self-defeating practices. Giving and accepting bribes have become a work culture and a way of modern materialistic life. A segment of political leaders and parties are the most instrumental followed by business houses and corporate bodies. The collusion between politicians and businessmen is now an established fact by creating confusion and illusion to millions of ordinary people. Even the universities, colleges, schools: the temples of learning have become a good breeding ground for corruption. Law courts, police, bureaucracy all are in a tight grip of corruption. It has got ingrained in our psyche. There is a parallel economy in operation and black money is ever on the increase.

The election season is on; promises are flashed in the speeches of pompous politicians on much talked issues like control and eradication of corruption and poverty. Worthless to them is to talk about human values and moral principles.

Be it any time of rule, good governance makes the system good. Rather, at a period of time, a political party works harder to make the system better than it was before. This way a system comes and goes. Multiculturalism is a fact and it needs to be realized by any political party. One nation of diversity is certainly the strength of our healthier political ethos and system whereas an attempt to divided culture is to weaken the people and the nation. Thinking to gain political mileage by defections, desertions, divisions, alignments, counter-alignments and alliances galore not because of any ideological differences but only because of personal gains and petty parochial interests will add to woes and miseries of our nation. Peoples’ strength lies in the characters of charismatic, towering leaders who can keep the flock together.

Gone is the day and glory of India when the haves of it were the apple in the eyes of Europeans and others. Some hundred-year-old self-acclaimed developed countries of today weren’t present even as dots on the world map but those beguiled travellers and visitors found solace in the colors and glitters of those Indian days and even ruled the land of ours.

India has never been a communal and theocratic country. Unity in cultural and religious diversity has been an all-time essence of Indian society. Followers of different and alien faiths came to India and became an integral part of it. India has been a meeting point and melting pot of various faiths and cultures. Indian Constitution guarantees religious freedom and equality to all its citizens. There cannot be any discrimination on the basis of religion, caste or creed. India is fundamentally and generally secular which means equal respect for all faiths and religions. There are clashes and conflicts between communities but every clash is not communal. Many of the tensions and conflicts between communities have their source in economic and cultural backwardness or they are foreign-sponsored. We should always be guided by such leading lights from our stalwart politicians and thinkers.

We must take 2019 general elections as a pledge to wipe off the dooms and gloomy shadows from our political system.

How shall India achieve its glory and present as a Guru of the World: is a dying question.

Don’t we let the snakes laugh at a man stinging another man in our own courtyard of home? We shall never allow this to happen.

Madani Mohiuddin Ahmad, King Saud University, Riyadh, KSA