Renowned celebrities and social figures are followed by their fans for the popularity they acquire by dint of their hard work and long drawn out struggle to make a mark in the society they live in. They are in a way sometimes called Icons of that society. Their lifestyle, way of working, approach towards life, etc. bear a deep impact on their followers and the people who like them the most.

It is said that Bollywood film actor late Sushant Singh Rajput and her actress-girlfriend Rhea were living together with mutual consent and according to Rhea her 'live-in-relationship' with Sushant for around one year ended on June 8. The point can be raised here as to why did they prolong this ‘live-in relationship’ sort of affair? As a matter of fact, they could have gone for a court-marriage and live a more peaceful and dignified life. No doubt, it should have been their personal matter, but celebrities who are icons in public-eyes stand answerable for every bit of action they do in or outside the society. It is assumed that Rhea, perhaps, never wanted to go in for a nuptial knot. She was, probably interested more in sharing SSR's wealth and lavish living.

Again, SSR was a celebrity and so was Rhea. What message would our young generation, more especially, young boys and girls who run into lacs/thousands, derive from these so-called icons and their ‘living-in relationship’ arrangements? Sanctity of our society and its moral application need to be preserved at any cost. Such living arrangements may be a symbol of higher social strata but will never find any acceptance/credence in middle or lower-middle-class families, which most of us belong to.

Also, a lesson could be derived from the Sushant-Rhea episode. Parents and guardians need to keep a close vigil on their grownup children who migrate from their homes/native places for better prospects and ways of life. Once or twice in a year, parents must visit their kids to check up with them their whereabouts and concerns relating to their day to day life.

shiben rainaDr. Shiben Krishen Raina
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