The Election Commission of India is responsible for executing free and fair elections across the country. This is one of the most respectful institutions constitutionally empowered to exercise its power in letter and spirit. Challenges are many but the foremost is the abuse of black money by the candidates. Be it anything, their sole purpose is to win the election. Tainted politicians, regardless of their magnitude of criminal history, they manage to win elections and reach the parliament.

Call this country by any name, still the average Indian breaths in immortal India. Mere geographical boundary and ethnic background of an individual has never been the only attraction to any stranger of different race or community across the world who thought of visiting India or even invading it.

Thoughtful pronouncement of Talaq is a solution and never a problematic bad social practice. It must not be treated as a ritual or religious dogma. It is a legal provision which can be exercised sensibly by either gender in their respective capacity or in the court of law.

India has never been a communal and theocratic country. Unity in cultural and religious diversity has always been the essence of our political system. The Jinx as beef reminds us again that the onetime British Raj used it to divide and confuse people.

Hymns and hums alongside the blowing conch is the daily remarked arrival of the sun at the edge of the river Ganges in Banaras. This elegant and magnanimous picture remained always tagged with me until the moment of my departure from Delhi where I was a second year graduate student in 1983.

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